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2008-10-07 10:33:35 by LukeScythe

For those on NG who may have seen the song in the audio portal thanks for listening and voting, on another note i am on Youtube under the same name i do SSBB and PBR battles for those who are intested go view em, please if you have seen my videos on there or my song on here please leave a comment ^^ i like em


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2008-10-20 17:09:17

RAWR! :3

LukeScythe responds:

RAWR indeed Kornrox if ya want the link just ask


2008-10-29 18:46:12

:O holy god he posted. lol kornrox shes just awsome man.

LukeScythe responds:

indeed i posted XD


2008-11-03 15:49:16

Hye mang. Glad you finally made a blog.

I never really check your page, and I figured "He won't have a blog"

ALSO: If you want to see my blog, just click darknessdweller.
Ans with these blogs, you can embed videos and add pictures!